Online Nutrition and Recipe Analysis for Restaurants, Hospitality and the Foodservice Industry

MenuCalc is an easy, flexible, online software to help you create accurate, up-to-date, FDA-approved nutrition analysis of your recipes and menus. It’s fast and flexible for any size team.  Prefer to have a Registered Dietitian do the work for you?  Learn more about our expert experienced consulting services.

Are you a Food Manufacturer? LabelCalc is designed just for you!

How Our Software Works For You

MenuCalc calculates your nutrition results using FDA-approved database nutrition analysis. Use USDA-compiled ingredients to calculate your nutrition results: simply enter your recipe into our easy-to-use application and obtain your nutrition results instantly. No waiting on lab results, and no extra charges for recipe modification. With nutrition analysis out of the way, you and your staff can spend more time inventing, perfecting, and creating your delicious meals.

MenuCalc’s unique features:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Accurate
  • Recipe Consulting
  • No CD or Software to use
  • FDA recognized method for analysis
  • Safe, secure, backed-up
  • Use from any computer, anywhere
  • Always up to date
  • Outsource to our experts, we’ll enter your recipes!

MenuCalc Works Efficiently For Any Size Restaurant

  • Browse our extensive USDA-compiled ingredient database, supplemented by food manufacturer labels
  • Add your own ingredients and distributor brands quickly and easily
  • Save recipes as preps for use in other menu items
  • Download your nutrition results in Excel, CSV, Word, and print format
  • Substitute ingredients and compare nutrition information side-by-side within a recipe
  • Automatically receive FDA-approved health claims with each recipe

Take a deeper look at MenuCalc’s specialized features to learn how this software can best work for you and your restaurant. See the user-friendly interface in action below.

  • “Since I frequently create new menu items. I have to be able to experiment with different ingredients and quantities... MenuCalc is the only solution that offers this capability, plus a staff of food  professionals...”

    Dawn Saxton
    Dawn Saxton Co-Founder and VP of Product Development Specialty's Cafe & Bakery
  • “It's the most sophisticated software program I've seen to help restaurants properly calculate the nutrition content of their menus. I've referred many local restaurants to MenuCalc with great results and feedback.”

    Kevin Westlye
    Kevin Westlye Director Golden Gate (SF) Restaurant Association
  • "Our customers have been requesting a tool like the Nutrition Calculator for years and FoodCalc has provided the perfect solution. The Calculator underlines our commitment to being different and really pushing the bar in everything we do."

    Leslie Swallow
    Leslie Swallow Co-founder / Mixt Greens

Our Expert Consultants Can Complete the Analysis For You

We are committed to meeting the needs of the foodservice industry—our staff of Expert Recipe Analysis Consultants provide additional consulting services as requested by our clients, including recipe entry, menu evaluation, recipe modification, regulatory compliance, and advanced nutritional advising.


Learn more about how MenuCalc can work for you. Or, if you’re interested in jumping right in, check out our 15-day 5-recipe free trial and begin your journey to timesaving and cost-effective nutrition analysis.

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