Video Demos Let You Watch MenuCalc’s Nutritional Analysis Software In Action

MenuCalc® is the world’s leading online nutritional analysis software. With an intuitively designed interface and a plethora of innovative features, this platform revolutionizes the restaurant nutritional analysis process.

Check out our most popular video demos below to see the program in action, and enjoy the additional step-by-step demos you will have access to once logged into your MenuCalc account.

1) How to Create a Recipe in MenuCalc

Watch this video to get a basic overview of the MenuCalc platform and see just how easy it is to input ingredients and receive nutritional analysis for your recipe.

2) How MenuCalc Helps You Duplicate an Existing Recipe

This video highlights one of MenuCalc’s primary time-saving features: the “Duplicate Recipe” tool.

3) How to Save a Recipe as a “Prep” in MenuCalc

Your restaurant likely has a house dressing or sauce that appears throughout your menu. This video will show you how to create these special recipes and seamlessly input them into other menu items you wish to analyze.

4) Easily Add Your Own MenuCalc Ingredients

MenuCalc utilizes the extensive USDA-compiled ingredients database that incorporates pretty much every ingredient your recipes could use. However, those special supplier ingredients may need to be added manually. Watch this video to see how MenuCalc’s “My Ingredient Add” tool makes quick work of the task.

5) Examine Ingredients With MenuCalc’s Nutrient Comparison Tool

What happens nutritionally to a recipe when you swap out one ingredient for another? Watch how our Nutrient Comparison Tool helps a user compare nutrients side-by-side and switch out ingredients for a healthier overall recipe.

Looking to give the software a try for yourself? Sign up for our free 5-recipe trial and see why our clients never go back to previous methods of nutrition analysis. And if you’ve already decided that this is exactly the product your restaurant needs, consider our pricing plans and get started creating your own recipes.

Already a MenuCalc customer and looking for more support? Visit our FAQ page for our answers to some frequently asked client questions, attend one of our free weekly webinars to learn tips and tricks from the experts on your own computer, or reach out to us directly. We are always happy to assist you with making nutrition analysis as easy as possible.

Still curious about MenuCalc and our revolutionary software, or have a question that wasn’t answered? Connect with us today to learn even more.

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