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Louisiana shrimp and crawfish menu labeling law

The new crawfish and shrimp menu labeling law passed by Louisiana officials will require seafood serving establishments to make note on their menus as to the country of origin of their shrimp and crawfish.

Louisiana Passes New Crawfish and Shrimp Menu Labeling Law

In an attempt to secure the safety of public health in the state of Louisiana, house bill 335, a new menu labeling law has been established effective September 1, 2019. According to this new house bill, Louisiana restaurants must list the country of origin of the shrimp and crawfish in food offerings on restaurant menus. The items containing the foreign shrimp and crawfish must be clearly labeled in the same size font and type next to the listed menu item. 

This new labeling law also states that if a Louisiana seafood restaurant does not utilize a traditional menu, an 18 x 18 inch sign declaring the menu listing of the seafood items containing foreign shrimp and crawfish with a country of origin outside of the United States must be present at the main entrance of the food establishment. 

According to the FDA and the Louisiana Restaurant Association, the enforcement of this particular labeling bill may take some time due to the lack of “hands on deck” in the food safety and sanitation department. Currently, the department has a total of 28 health inspectors between Baton Rouge, and Lafayette to cover nearly 32,000 food establishments.  Due to the high volume of restaurants and the small amount of health inspectors to inspect the establishments, the estimated amount of time it will take to officially enforce this new regulation is unknown. However the inspectors in the 3 cities will ban together in a continued effort to aid in compliance for these seafood establishments. 

Restaurants who do not comply with the new Louisiana crawfish and shrimp menu labeling law will be considered in violation to the sanitary code and will be penalized accordingly.

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