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Nassau County unanimously passes new food allergy restaurant safety law.

Nassau County Announces “Food Allergy Restaurant Safety Law” 

In July of 2019, Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan submitted a proposal that all Nassau county restaurants must hang warning signage and appoint food safety officers that are thoroughly trained on food allergies and the dining experience. 

As of 9/23/2019, the Nassau County Legislature unanimously passed this food allergy bill. Known as the “Food Allergy Restaurant Safety Law“, this regulation will ensure the safety of all diners with food allergies. The legislature mandates signage regarding the existence of major food allergens in both the dining areas and restaurant kitchens will be mandatory. Employees will also be trained on informing diners of these major food allergens and taught what to do when encountering a patron with severe food allergies

In an email to “The Love For Giovanni Foundation”, an Organization aimed at educating the public on food allergies, Lafazan announces the unanimous passing of the Food Allergy Restaurant Safety Law. 

In a personal email, Legislator Joshua Lafazan celebrates the unanimous passing of the Food Allergy Restaurant Safety Law in Nassau County.

This new bill is expected to be signed into law as of next month by County Executive Curran. 

According to Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan, the passing of this allergy bill was a historic day for Nassau County. It is priority that diners with major food allergies feel safe when dining out with their families. Prior to submitting the proposal for the Food Allergy Restaurant Safety Law, Lafazan was shocked that this law wasn’t already in existence. 

Non-compliance with this law can result in to fines up to $500. 

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