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SFDA Nutritional Labeling for Hotels. Achieving compliance with LabelCalc.

SFDA Nutritional Labeling For Hotels, Are You Compliant?

As of December 2018, under the Saudi 2030 Vision, the Saudi Food and Drug Administration passed a final rule for food service businesses to provide the calorie information as well as additional nutrition information for all of their available menu items. This regulation by the Saudi Food and Drug Administration applies to all food based businesses providing food items to the general public. 

The purpose of this ruling was to educate citizens on portion sizes and the actual amount of calories they consume when dining out in an effort to bring awareness to the potential impact this can have upon their health. By bringing awareness to daily caloric intake, the hope is improve customer food choices which will in turn decrease the percentage of individuals that are overweight or obese from where it currently stands at 70%. 

Hotels are no exception to this ruling. Within a hotel there are multiple opportunities for menu labeling regulations to be observed. According to the law, all menu items must have the calorie information listed next to them and additional nutrition information must be available upon request.

According to the SFDA in regards to the menu nutritional labeling law, calorie count must be clearly listed next to each menu item.

As you can see, the number of calories is depicted in parentheses directly next to the menu items listed on the restaurant menu. This would apply to any listing of food items of this type including but not limited to: 

  • Room service menus
  • Onsite coffee shopmenu board
  • Hotel dine-in restaurant menus 
  • Drink menus for onsite bar 

Nutrition Analysis

In order to ensure you are following the labeling requirements under this new ruling, nutrition analysis of your menu items is a must. By using a nutrition analysis software that is pre-loaded with lab-tested ingredients, it is a simple process to convert any and all of your hotel menus to reach compliance with the nutrition labeling requirements for food items set forth by the Saudi Food and Drug Administration

If your hotel is in need of calorie counts and other nutritional information for your menu items and other food items on display, MenuCalc is a cloud based software created specifically for food labeling within the restaurant industry. Please contact us for information on how to become compliant with the nutrition labeling laws and reach compliance with all of your menu boards and other food items on display today.

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