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In 2019, a Nutrition Calculator is a must-have for your online restaurant menu.

Over the last few years, as millennials have bumped Gen-X’ers out of the top spot as largest living demographic and have taken over in buying power, the food industry has been faced with some massive changes; especially regarding restaurant menus. When it comes to dining out, customers don’t only want to know what ingredients are offered in menu items, they want to interact with the menu, create their own options and have control of the nutritional values of their meal. This is where a menu nutrition calculator comes in handy.

What is a Nutrition Calculator?

A nutrition calculator is perfect for the diner who is hungry for knowledge. This nifty tool can provide all the nutritional information one could possibly need to create the ultimate dining experience: a meal tailored to your needs and preferences.

A nutrition calculator, often found digitally built-in to a restaurant’s website allows customers to control the calorie content, total fat, carbohydrates, and other nutrition values while also getting a good grasp on actual serving size and how it fits into their personal diet.

How Does it Work?

A nutrition calculator functions almost as a giant nutrient database for your menu items. The calculator is compiled of all of the ingredient information from all of the recipes on your menu. When a user wants to know how many calories are in their desired meal, they can pull up that information quickly without using the corporate website to provide the data. The nutrition calculator also allows for the menu items to be altered based on needs or preference and provides the new nutrition values based on the user’s edits. This particular feature is not only helpful for making a meal healthy, but also safe. By using this tool, a diner has the opportunity to pick the items that create their meal and change it to avoid certain allergens that may not be suitable for their diet. Although most menus have an allergen disclaimer stating that they aren’t always able to avoid cross contact between foods that are common food allergens and other ingredients, the calculator still serves to educate the consumer to make the very best choice for their dining experience.

How Can I Get a Nutrition Calculator for My Online Menu?

The best route to go when implementing a nutrition calculator is to work with a qualified menu analysis software and even a dietitian to make sure that the ingredient information and nutritional values on your menu items are 100% correct. Once the nutrition information is analyzed, a database can be created using your ingredient list and menu information. Then all of this data can be pulled from your database and used to build your nutrition calculator using a cloud-based software created to support this feature. From here, not only the customer can reap the benefits, but it also makes it easy for the chef to swap out menu items and ingredients due to seasonal differences and even create new recipes using the nutrient database logged into the nutrition calculator.

Features like this not only makes the dining experience unique for your customers but also provides the opportunity to stay relevant with new restaurant trends. As dining changes over the next few years with the Millennial wave, custom tools such as a nutrition calculator will give you the power to appeal to this growing market.

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