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A relevant menu through seasonal recipe analysis

Have your menu items been the same since you’ve opened? It might be time for a recipe analysis.

Making Your Menu Relevant Through Recipe Analysis

Relevancy. What more could you want as a restaurant owner? When keeping up with food trends becomes as competitive as keeping up with the Jones’, how does one survive? By having a menu that is full of choices. Has it been a while since you have changed-up your menu items? A recipe analysis might be in order. Read on for a few tips on how to stay relevant in this ever-changing food service industry.

Update Your Menu Seasonally

With the changing of the seasons should come the changing of recipe ingredients. Has a nice ring to it right? The ease of procuring produce and other menu items throughout the year should naturally impact your ingredient list due to availability. Going from summer to fall alone introduces a plethora of new flavor profiles, not to mention the ability to reduce cost margins. By choosing recipe ingredients based upon what is in season, you will ensure that your menu has offerings that are not only on par with customer preferences, but on budget as well.

Make Room for Trends

Each year brings new and more interesting diets to be aware of. Though you may be a stickler for keeping within your genre, you still want to appeal to your market. But my recipes are good, why should I change them? Relevancy. If the current trend is keto — a high-fat, low carb, moderate protein diet– and you are an Italian restaurant serving primarily starchy pastas, you may be missing out on an audience that could come to enjoy your menu with a few swaps. Taking the time to do a quick recipe analysis may show you that by swapping traditional fettucine noodles for zucchini ribbons in your chicken alfredo recipe will help you fit within the current keto trend by significantly lowering the carbohydrate value of your dish.

Hire a Nutrition Professional

Yes, a nutrition professional. A dietitian specifically. A recipe analysis performed by a dietitian can prove to be priceless when it comes to keeping up with industry and consumer trends. These licensed professionals can offer services far beyond relevancy, including: nutrition analysis, accurate nutrient data, recipe analysis and more. If you are looking to stay on trend with current diets to offer dishes that appeal to new customers, a dietitian can help you review the ingredient information within your recipes and change the nutrition information, supplementing new ingredients without compromising flavor. These detailed consulting services will result in recipes that are on trend with accurate nutrition facts to ensure that your menu is up to date and appealing as often as the seasons change.

Whether you are looking to break into the restaurant industry, or you are a well-established restauranteur, relevancy is the key to success. By keeping your menu updated and accurate, you can rest easy knowing that your product is appealing to your market by evolving with the trends while providing the delicious flavor your customers recognize and love.

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