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MenuCalc Nutrition Analysis, Welcome Erie County Members!

Dear Community Partner,

We are excited to be able to offer the first 200 respondents the opportunity to enroll and participate in the Healthy Choices menu labeling project for FREE!

This project offers permitted independent Erie County restaurants the opportunity to create and display Nutrition Facts labels for up to four of their menu items at no cost to the restaurateur.

To participate in this unique opportunity the proprietor must agree to display a minimum of two and a maximum of four nutrition labels at point of purchase for customer use. The establishment chooses a minimum of two and a maximum of four menu items to self-input into the provided software program to create the recognized nutrition facts label. The labels then need to be printed out and displayed for customer use at the point of purchase whether that be in a tabletop type display or overlaid right on the menu.

The items chosen to be displayed may not necessarily be the food items with the best nutritional values but this system will allow the customer to make the "Healthy Choice" for themselves.

Supporting items such as window decals, acrylic table top tents, and menu labels will be also be provided until existing supplies are exhausted.

To be eligible to join the program the establishment must be a registered independent restaurant in Erie County NY. The restaurant’s permit number and the zip code in which it is located are used to create a secure account below.

The Erie County Board of Health endorses MenuCalc as your nutrition analysis and recipe creation tool.


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